Richards Wind Sensor Catalog 19W


Technical Specifications Wind Direction Vane Output and Range Analog DC voltage output proportional to wind direction angle with excitation voltage supplied by data logger, 360° continuous mechanical rotation, direction range, 10k potentiometer, 352° electrical, 8° open or dead band. Wind Direction Vane Performance Threshold (0.9 mph or .402 m/s) Accuracy (Potentiometer linearity within 1%) Life expectancy (50 million revolutions or 4-6 years operation) Materials of Construction Shaft tower (316 stainless steel) Shaft (Hardened 303 stainless steel) Wind Vane housing (316 stainless steel) Wind Vane and Hub Assembly (316 stainless steel) Bearings (Double shielded and hardened stainless steel balls) Electrical Technical Data Direction range (352° electrical with 8° open or dead band) Signal (Analog DC voltage from precision conductive potentiometer, resistance 10K ) Power Requirements Regulated potentiometer excitation (1 VDC to 15 VDC), Power rating (1.5 Watts @ 70°C) The D5C compact wind direction vane creates an analog DC voltage output signal for directional degrees using a robust sealed 10K potentiometer element. Note: Sensor mounts on .5”O.D. standard tubing. The D5CWind Vane has all of the great features of the larger D5 Wind Vane but in a lightweight more compact pro le for ease of installation. The D5C wind vane shares the same heavy duty stainless steel welded vane and hub assembly for use in high wind speed applications or on heavy equipment such as cranes, stackers, and ship loaders. All D5C wind vane components are manufactured from Stainless Steel bar stock for superior strength and corrosion resistance. The D5C vane assembly rotates on two precision grade, shielded, stainless steel ball bearings. These bearings can be replaced in minutes right in the eld with a simple screw driver and without disconnecting the sensor cable or the wind sensor from its mounting. D5C Series Compact Wind Direction Vane

10,75 in

9,25 in

1,5 in

Weight = 1,87 Lbs

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Part Number D5C-1263-1 Compact Industrial Wind Vane

Includes :

Integral 10 Foot Sensor Cable

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